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"Never mistake motion for action."
Ernest Hemingway
"I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."
Isaac Newton
"It’s all in how you arrange the thing…the careful balance of the design is the motion."
Andrew Wyeth
"I am confident only when I am constantly in motion."
Willem Dafoe
"Free societies are societies in motion, and with motion comes friction."
Salman Rushdie
"Why must art be static? You look at an abstraction, sculptured or painted, an entirely exciting arrangement…entirely without meaning. It would be perfect, but it is always still."
Alexander Calder
"It is impossible to be moved without motion."
Jeff Marks
"When I look at an image, I imagine what it would look like in motion."
David Clayton
"In a culture of motion, stillness is death."
Josh Novak